Modern Farming Methods and new Agtechs

Work harder is good but Smarter is better

Modern Farming Methods and new Agtechs
Work Harder is good but smarter is better

Agriculture and farming are the oldest professions in society. As we can see, it has directly impacted on technological development at the beginning of humanity. But with the industrial development, the growth that agriculture and farming technologies had, started to lag for some considerable time. But now more than ever, people are searching for modern farming methods and new gadgets to improve their productivity and ease their works.

Because of that, the Agtech field is developing very fast now. We can see, new technologies, Apps, gadgets emerge almost every day in the agriculture field. Therefore farmers can now access information relating to farming using their computers or mobiles. With these technologies, it is possible to take their farming practices to the next level.

They can now get the weather forecast reports and also the weather analysis charts with a touch using their mobile phones. And those can be quite effective in their decisions like which crops are more profitable to plant or what is the best time to do so? 

In addition to the weather forecast and weather pattern reports, farmers are also able to access agronomic reports relating to their areas. With these reports, farmers will be able to know which type of crops are suitable to be planted in their regions.

So as we can see, many Agtechs are now available. And they can be applied to increase the quality and productivity of your products. Let’s talk about amazing technologies that use in modern farming.

Drone Technology for Modern Farming

Drone Technology for Modern Farming
Drone Technology for Modern Farming

Drones are not a new technology in the world. People used drones for various purposes in many fields. But, when we consider about agriculture field, most of the time, drones were used for inspection purposes only.

But, with the awakening of modern farming methods, drones are now used for various purposes in agriculture. For example, we can use drones throughout the whole crop cycle. Let’s discuss a bit deeper.

Field Analysis

They can produce precise 3D maps for soil analysis, which also very useful in planning seed patterns. Also, after planting, this analysis provides data for irrigation and nitrogen-level management.


There are drone systems that use for planting. These systems shoot pods with seeds and plant nutrients into the soil, providing the plant all the nutrients necessary to sustain life. According to the developers, they can decrease planting costs by 85 percent.

Crop spraying

Spraying is also another quite popular application of drones. By programming, they can scan the ground and spray the correct amount of liquid, modulating distance from the ground.

For this, drones use measuring technologies like ultrasonic echoing, lasers such as those used in the light-detection and ranging, or LiDAR method. Experts estimate that aerial spraying can be completed up to five times faster with drones than with traditional machinery.


Drones with thermal sensors can identify which parts of a field are dry or need improvements. Then, we can improve the irrigation system according to those analyses.

Health Assessment

Another importance is the health evaluation of crops and spot bacterial or fungal infections. There are drones carried devices that identify bacterial or fungal infections by scanning a crop using both visible and Near Infrared light. They recognize which plants reflect different amounts of green light and NIR light.

This information can produce multispectral images that track changes in plants and indicate their health. Also, farmers can apply and monitor treatments more precisely. This method will increase the possibility to overcome a disease.

So as you can see, drones are capable of more than monitoring. With the right gadgets, they can ease your work and increase your productivity. Drones are the most competent one among modern farming methods.

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Crop Sensors for Modern Farming

Crop Sensors for Modern Farming
Sensors used in Modern FarmingPC goes to OptRx Crop Sensor

Crop sensors and soil sensors are another leading technology use in modern farming methods. When we are using crop sensors, we need to install a network of sensors to monitor plant and soil health. They observe the needs of water and nitrogen levels. Also, they can be used to manage water resources too. It will assist during the droughts.

Also, these sensors measure and record data of crops using the reflectance of light shined on the growing plants. Sensors need to install across the application boom or a drone to collect information while driving across the field.

Logged and mapped data, then use for further analysis or real-time variable rate applications. This kind of data is the key to modern farming. Using these types of sensors, we can collect information in the fields, analyze, and then make decisions based on the data.  

You can find these sensors for an affordable price in the local market too. Even family farms are finding them economical to use throughout their land. Using a sensor system, you can manage your resources more efficiently.

It also helps the farm to be more environmentally friendly by conserving water, limiting erosion, and reducing fertilizer levels in local rivers and lakes.

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Auto steering & Autonomous Navigation for Modern Farming

Autonomous Navigation Tractor - CNH Industrial
Autonomous Navigation Tractor – CNH Industrial

Farmers are now able to run their tractors and other farm equipment automatically in the field using GPS or at least reduce fatigue while they are in the cab. With minimal tolerance, most of the devices provide a high degree of accuracy.

They also adjust automatically according to hilly terrain. If they find any alignment issue, improve over time. Systems can control using smartphones. Though operators need to map out obstacles in the current systems, this will change with the rapidly developing modern farming technologies.

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Agricultural Robots for Modern Farming

Agricultural Robots for Modern Farming
Robot automation for vegetable farm

Various types of robots are available in the Agtech field now. The main area of application of robots in modern farming today is at the harvesting stage.

But emerging applications of robots in the Agtech field include weed control, cloud seeding, planting seeds, harvesting, environmental monitoring, soil analysis, etc.

Experts expect that the agricultural robot market will reach to $11.58 billion by 2025.

Fruit Harvesting Robotics

You can now pick your crops 24/7 using robots. These methods are so popular in the field of strawberries, cucumbers, and orchard fruit like apples. Robots use image processing for suitable crop identification and robotic arms to pick the crops. Also, data analytics on products can be helpful in packaging, distribution, and business revenue.

Greenhouse Harvesting

It is now possible to harvest crushable high-value crops using new greenhouse harvesting robots. They can go down greenhouse aisles accurately and identify ripe yields, pick them, and place them in on-board packaging systems.

Greenhouse Material Handing

Also, robots can perform manual labor tasks like plant spacing. Using this type of robots, we can increase plant quality by optimizing plant placement and reducing non-labor production costs. 

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RFID for Modern Farming

RFID for Modern Farming
RFID for Modern Farming

Radio Frequency Identification or RFID uses for detecting animals at automatic feeding machines. This system is s equipped with a transponder. And it has connected to a monitoring system that can identify animals and objects. Recently these systems are used for tracking cereal crops in agriculture sectors.

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As you can see, modern farming methods are improving day by day. Then, why cannot we see those Agtech around us in society? Probably, there may have some challenges. Let’s see what those are.

Compatibility of equipment:

It requires technological standards to ensure the compatibility and applicability of equipment in rural areas.


Most of the equipment is very costly. Therefore, local farmers cannot afford these types of Agtech.


Most people, especially people in third world countries, are not interested in investing in new agricultural technologies. Instead of that, they are spending more on laborers. So it may take some time to adopt these technologies in society. 

As a conclusion:

Data can be collected using sensors, satellites, drone systems, etc. By analyzing this data, we can forecast the weather conditions, soil quality, crop growth, and many more. 

These new modern farming methods help in planning for better product distribution too. Also, these new Agtechs help to reduce waste and the cost of farmers, and more importantly, those modern farming technologies increase the yield of the crop.

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