The Best Smart Watch 2021: TOP 3 under $200

Fitness trackers and smartwatches are some of the most useful tools that could help you improve your lifestyle in the easiest way possible. If you’re searching for the best smart watch, you may have a lot of questions like,

  • What is the best smart watch 2020?
  • Which is the best brand for a smartwatch?
  • Are smartwatches worth it? 

Anyway, you have come to the right place as we have prepared a list of the top 3 best Smart watches in 2020. We have made sure to include different options for all price ranges, situations, features, etc. Now let’s get started.

Ticwatch E2 - The Best Smart watch (Most Valuable) 2021

Ticwatch E2 Best Smart watches: TOP 3 under $200 in 2021
Ticwatch E2 Best Smart watches: TOP 3 under $200 in 2021

Smartwatches are generally always valuable if you know what to look for. But if you’re new to the concept of smartwatches and fitness trackers, we suggest that you take a look at Mobvoi Ticwatch E2. In essence, this is a beautiful, exceptionally versatile, and decently affordable smartwatch packed with ultra-high specs and features that are very easy to use.

Ticwatch E2: Features

First of all, the smartwatch looks pretty sleek and is available in three color variations, including shadow, midnight, and white. The first two are gray and black, both of which looked tremendously great. Aesthetics aside, what makes this model so valuable is the set of features that come supplied with. Its sports QUALCOMM snapdragon wear 2100 processor, built-in 512 MB of ram, and 4 gigabytes of onboard storage, a 415 MAh battery that can last up to two days, and a semi-waterproof construction. This watch has made of 5 ATM waterproof silicone material, which means that it can survive being submerged under 5 meters of water with ease.

Ticwatch E2: Use

It’s great for beach parties and swimming. Although you obviously shouldn’t use it for scuba diving and similar recreational activities that involve getting into deeper waters. It also sports a built-in GPS that you can pair up with your smartphone and the proprietary app allowing you to easily navigate places you haven’t been to before if you’re on vacation. The other side of the Ticwatch E2 is that it’s also a high-quality activity tracker sports a distance tracker and HR monitor, steps tracker, calories consumption, and sleep tracking features.

Ticwatch E2: Connectivity

Ticwatch E2 has also been packed with a ton of utility features. All of which can be accessed directly or via the smartphone app, including the alarm, contacts, and flashlights. This smartwatch also sports Wi-Fi 802.11 and Bluetooth version 4.1. So it’s connectivity is pretty great. Although everyone would like to see the Bluetooth 4.1 replaced and upgraded with at least 4.2. This version is decently consistent and reliable.

Overall this is a remarkably versatile smartwatch that both performs and looks the part. It has the best of both worlds, which is the main reason why we’ve declared it as our Most Valuable Smartwatch 2021 pick.

Supported Application
Operating System
Phone, GPS, Heart Rate Monitor
Wear OS by Google
 About this item:
  • Full Function Wear OS Smartwatch – Google Play Store allows you to choose from a wide range of your favorite apps and to access them from your wrist, compatible with iPhone and Android phones.
  • Get Connected at a Glance – Stay in the moment with smart ways to receive notifications and see who’s calling, without pulling out your phone. Google Assistant built-in.
  • Swim-ready Water-resistant – Your swimming companion with up to 50 meter underwater waterproof (5 ATM).
  • 24hr HRM and Build-in GPS – Workout without your phone. Google Fit and TicMotion make it easy to get motivated, stay balanced and track your health right from your wrist.
  • Warranty policy: we and our engineer always stand behind our products and hope each customer could be 100% satisfied with our product. 30-day money-back guarantee for any reason, 12-month warranty for quality-related issues.

Fitbit Versa 2 - The Best Smart Watch (Budget) 2021

Fitbit Versa 2 : Best budget Smart watch TOP 3 under $200 in 2021
Fitbit Versa 2 : Best budget Smart watch

Versa 2 is a fitness tracker designed as a Smartwatch. It’s incredibly compact, light, feels great and looks stunning and elegant. Also, Versa 2 is a budget Smartwatch that offers such a level of performance, unprecedented before in the entry-level price point category.


Let’s take a look at its main features. First of all, this tracker features Amazon Alexa integration that you can use to set your alarms or reminders, check weather reports, and gain access to a variety of voice-activated features. However, this feature needs to be installed, and you might need to set up a third-party account for the app itself.

Sleep tracking features are well-known in smartwatches, but Versa 2 took it up a notch with the sleep score and Smart Awake features. It will monitor every single parameter of your sleep, including your heart rate, sleep length, and the auscultations during the REM phase giving you all details you need that you can check up on via the sleep score app. Aside from Amazon Alexa voice-based alarms, you can also set another gentle, smart alarm via the smart wake feature. It’s different in the sense that it will wake you during the most optimal stage of your sleep within 30 minutes of the time you’ve input.

Another helpful feature is the Spotify integration. You will be able to control your playlists and favorite tracks directly from the it. However, you should know that you need a Spotify account. Most of these features will not work in offline mode. You’ll also be able to turn on or shut off the always-on display feature. While it’s on, you’ll be able to check desired parameters effortlessly and as frequently as you want.

Battery Life:

While display’s off, you will preserve the battery of your smart tracker. Speaking of which, a single charge of Versa 2 battery can last for more than six full days and nights. Given the fact that its capacity is tremendous. It also requires a bit more time to recharge in comparison to an average battery. 

Fitbit Versa is just like its name suggests an extremely versatile Smartwatch that packs a huge variety of cool fascinating features. Most of which have often been found equipped on top tier high-end and boutique models.

Supported Application
Supports Bluetooth
Voice Assistant, Alexa
1 Count (Pack of 1)
Bordeaux/Copper Rose
About this item:
  • Use amazon Alexa built in to get quick news and information, check the weather, set timers and alarms, control your smart home devices and more all through the sound of your voice (third party app may be required; amazon Alexa not available in all countries)
  • Based on your heart rate, time asleep and restlessness, sleep score helps you better understand your sleep quality each night. Also track your time in light, deep and REM sleep stages and get personal insights
  • Get a 90-day free trial of the Fitbit Premium to help you stay active, sleep well and manage stress. Unlock it all in the Fitbit app. (The valid payment method required. Cancel before free trial ends to avoid subscription fees. Offer valid for new Premium users only)
  • With a larger display and an always on option, your information’s always a quick glance away (always on display requires more frequent charging)
  • Play your favorite songs and playlists with Spotify app controls on your wrist. Also make secure purchases with Fitbit Pay and get called, text and smartphone app notifications.
  • Track workouts in real-time with 20+ goal-based exercise modes. It’s also swimproof and water resistant to 50M, so you can track swims, we’re in the shower and more
  • Get call, text, calendar and smartphone app notifications when your phone is nearby. Plus send quick replies and a voice replies on android only

Galaxy Watch Active 2 : The Best Smart watch 2021 (Overall)

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 Best Overall Smart watch
Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2

Samsung has been the leading brand in the market of various branches of technology. So it’s not a surprise that you’ll find their name on some of the best smartwatches that money can buy. Our next pick is Galaxy Watch Active 2, which is among the most versatile and well-rounded fitness trackers out there.


Let’s start with its build quality. Essentially, the Galaxy Active 2 sports a silicon band that is ultra-light and very comfortable. You can wear it throughout the entirety of the day without ever even feeling it. The display is also pretty durable & its size just about right, not too small, but it’s also not too big, giving the watch a big plus in the field of aesthetics.


Functionality wise it’s among the most versatile and best-rounded fitness trackers on the market. It’s recognized in 39 different workouts and seven of which are fully autonomous and automatic. It means the tracking process is passive. There’s also a separate heart rate monitor as well as swim-tracking features onboard. Sadly, there are a couple of built-in features that have not been fully configured yet. The ECG update has been released quite recently.

That aside, what we liked the most about this watch is that there’s a neat little heart-shaped tracker that follows three separate parameters at a time. Of course, the active to smartwatches app friendly, and you can easily access all of its features directly from your smartphone whenever you want. Lastly, you might not be overly thrilled to hear this, but this Smartwatch is pretty expensive. Namely, it’s nearly twice as expensive as Ticwatch E2, but it offers superior versatility, Mordor construction, and slightly more comfort.

So, Active 2 is one of the best Android-based smartwatches and fitness trackers available. We highly recommend it to anyone Android enthusiasts and pretty much everyone. Its reliability and well-roundedness are unequaled even if we’re to neglect the app-based features

Supported Application
Supports Bluetooth
Sleep Monitor, Phone, GPS, HRM
Samsung Electronics
About this item:
  • Better insights to reach your fitness goals get more out of every mile thanks to built-in pace coaching on the Galaxy Watch Active2; Its advanced sensors keep your pace to help you better achieve your run goals. Audio Playing Format-MP3, M4A, 3GA, AAC, OGG, OGA,WAV, WMA, AMR, AWB
  • Comfortably sleek the Galaxy Watch Active2 is light enough to wear anywhere comfortably; It comes in aluminum or stainless steel and with a variety of faces, bands and finishes so it goes with anything
  • Keep your beat; You can see if your heart rate is where you want it with Galaxy Watch Active2; Get automatically alerted if your watch detects a high or a low heart rate; This device and related software are not intended for use in the diagnosis of disease or other conditions, or in the cure, Mitigation, treatment or prevention of disease
  • Level up your downtime; Galaxy Watch Active2’s built in sleep tracker offers valuable insights on how to get a better night’s sleep; It also monitors your stress level and helps you recently with the integrated calm app for this device and related software are not intended for use in the diagnosis of disease or other conditions, or in the cure, mitigation, treatment or prevention of disease
  • Battery built for endurance: The Galaxy Watch Active2’s long lasting battery can go for more than a 5 day on a single charge, and you can always get a quick boost from your compatible Galaxy phone with wireless power share works with Qi compatible Samsung devices (compatibility with non samsung Qi devices not guaranteed); Speed and power efficiency of charge varies by device and may be restricted by cases or covers

The Best Smart watch: TOP 3 under $200 in 2021: Summary

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